Sliding Patio Doors

Making Sliding Patio Doors Your Choice Of Doors For Your Home

Instead of the usual hinged doors, many in the UK are considering the idea of using sliding patio doors in either the construction of their home or its renovation. Have you gone to houses that mostly have sliding patio doors? Don’t they look nice? They somehow give the whole house an elegant feel. This is perhaps why many families are including such doors into the structure of their homes. There are many types and designs of doors that you can choose from. Try comparing each style and find out what is the best to go for. If you think that those sliding doors will look good in your humble abode, then go ahead and have sliding patio doors installed in key places.

Why Choose Sliding Patio Doors?


There are great benefits that sliding patio doors can offer. Aside from their stylish look and feel that can greatly contribute to the overall image of your home, they are also energy-efficient. You can cut energy costs with these types of doors because sliding patio doors can help cool your home during the hot weather and warm it during wintertime. Sliding patio doors are also very safe and secure compared to hinge doors. In addition to that, durability is another benefit that these sliding doors can offer to every homeowner who has chosen or is still considering buying it.
Sliding Patio Doors Purchasing Tips

Are you looking for those sliding patio doors? Perhaps it’s time you check out some purchasing tips online. With these details, you will know what and what not to look for as you shop for those types of doors. Those purchasing tips can offer you ideas on how to form your criteria in buying sliding patio doors. Several online resources for this kind of information include blog posts, articles, e-books and video clips. You know you can’t just buy any door or any set of doors that you have seen. There are several tips and considerations that you need to think about before making a final decision.

Sliding Patio Doors Curtains & Security Locks

Other things you need to be concerned about when looking for sliding patio doors are curtains, blinds, integrated blinds and security locks. Sliding patio door curtains will offer a certain twist of privacy and will also protect your furniture and other household items from direct sunlight. Blinds or integrated blinds will offer shade and privacy when its needed but also let in lots of light and create an airy space.  Security locks are necessary for sliding patio doors since these kinds of doors are primary targets of burglars.

There is nothing more essential than security to think about when creating improvements to your home. Colourline take this as seriously as you.

We fit high security key cylinders coupled with top quality multi point locks as standard on all master panels. Additionally, all intermediate panels have concealed stainless shootbolts that engage securely to the top and bottom tracks.  Our unique double security concealed shootbolts with key locking may also be added to some or all intermediate doors if neccessary.

All external hinges have been fashioned with security in mind – the stainless hinge pin is protected with a fixing screw that’s only accessible when the doors are open. All glass is toughened safety glass and it is internally beaded in order that it can only be taken off within the property.

Colourline‘s intention is to help you, as well as your property, stay safe and secure and also keep the unwanted visitor out.

Making The Decision about Sliding Patio Doors

If you are a young couple and have started the construction or renovation of your home, you can discuss the benefits and drawbacks of sliding patio doors and ultimately decide whether to use them or something else. If you are still undecided about this, you can read reviews about sliding patio doors or ask around and visit your friends’ homes, which are having such types of doors. Perhaps they can help you make a final decision. They may be more than willing to share some tips and recommendations for sliding patio doors.

Colourline can give you great advice about sliding patio doors so give us a call on 01342 811975 or visit our showroom to see our full range of sliding patio doors.